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McMurdo Connectors was acquired by the ITW Group in 1998 and with the acquisition the name McMurdo Connectors became ITW McMurdo Connectors. Whilst this was communicated to the market at that time, this fact seems to have been missed by a large proportion of the Electronics Industry, however F.C. Lane Electronics, as a major stockist and distributor of ITW McMurdo products have embraced these changes and have expanded both or stock holding and range of ITW McMurdo products.

F C Lane Increase Assembly Capability

As a result of F C Lane Electronics close working relationship with it's principles, when ITW McMurdo Connectors embarked upon a product rationalisation programme, F C Lane in conjunction with ITW McMurdo Connectors took over the manufacture of many of the products thereby ensuring continuity of supply in the market place.

Working closely with ITW McMurdo on the transfer and implementation of our production lines we are pleased to announce that the 801 Series, Micronector 200 Series,Micronector 300 Series and Modular Connector are in full production and our BS certificate has been granted enabling the full-certified release on the 801 Series and Micronector 200 Series.
Significant piece part stocks are now in place enabling short lead times to be offered in many instances.

At F C Lane Electronics we represent McMurdo Connectors extensively as an assembling distributor for the McMurdo Edge Connector, McMurdo Micronector 200 Series, McMurdo 801 Series and McMurdo Micronnector 300 series, supplying fully BS released product on the Micronnector 200 and 801 series in aggressive delivery lead times.

In addition we hold extensive stock of the following ranges.

McMurdo Red Range

McMurdo Dee Range

McMurdo Special Dee

McMurdo High Density Dee

McMurdo Dee Accessories

McMurdo Crimp Dee

McMurdo DIN 41612

McMurdo 700 Series

McMurdo H.I.T Series

Should you have a requirement for any of the above McMurdo products or in fact any McMurdo product not listed above please do not hesitate to contact us at F C Lane Electronics.

Visit our main web site at http://www.fclane.com for full details or email us at sales@fclane.com.

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